House Shows




Words and photos by Anna Reger


As someone who attended a music school, it seems silly to think that more music can count as a break. Yet when you’ve been sitting in classes all day learning about music theory you might never use, live music played by your peers is heaven. The Berklee house show scene is thriving with young musicians and bands who just want to use their music as a way to escape the stress of college. Most houses showcase 3-5 artists/bands as well as charging a $5 cover fee which usually goes to the bands, the house, or charity. The band performing in the photos is Model/Actriz, a Boston based alternative/indie band who met at Berklee College of Music. Their music might be loud, but it gives the audience a chance to tune everything else out and just enjoy the night.


Anna lives in Los Angeles, CA. When she's not obsessing over Kiana, she spends her time pursuing her passions of music, art, and photography.

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Anna Reger