Secular God


secular god


Words and illustration by Viana


Our Holy Lord is draped in milk
To taste his sweetness is ecstasy
The Earth is flat, offering plumage to lay our heads
A screen door incases our sanctified souls
Purifying our thoughts
Restricting our motives

Our Holy Lord is draped in milk
My lips quiver as the clock spins
To see our father we must drape our eyes
Yes, undrape and the light will burn
Refrain from the course
Of Adam and Eve

In good morrow, I stand
The Earth has swelled
And the clouds emit a stench so nefarious
At what age was I to smell so sweetly
I lie on the revolving floor and see beyond the doors

What was so fair is bitter now
Clumped and wilted and changed in hue
The apparatus has brought new eyes
But what was true is truer still

Our Holy Lord is draped in milk