A Guide to Sustainable Living




Tips + tricks by the Break Team


Here at Break, we’re deeply passionate about staying environmentally conscious and, of course, taking breaks outdoors. But the reality is that much of our beautiful planet is under constant and urgent threat from climate change. Here are some ways to live a more sustainable, environmentally conscious life in NYC (or anywhere else).

Reusable Bags

We’ve all heard about the ominous island of plastic floating in the middle of the Pacific and seen heart wrenching photographs of the animals who suffer from consuming these plastic bags that can look like food. Get yourself some bags made out of recycled materials from Baggu and cut out paper and plastic bags out of your grocery store trips. Baby Baggus work for your produce. Even if you’re going non-grocery shopping, bring a tote so you can keep all your goodies in there instead of asking for a bag at the store. They’re stylish, easy to use, and can fold back up in the little square that they come in.

Reusable water bottles, straws, and utensils

Summer’s coming up and we’re all going to be drinking lots of iced coffees (or tea or whatever floats your boat). Bring a reusable straw with you wherever you go! It takes 0 effort. Better yet, along with the straw, bring your own travel mug or reusable coffee cup so you don’t have to use a paper or plastic one. If you foresee your day being one of those leave before dawn, back after midnight sorts,  bring a set of reusable bamboo utensils. And even though in New York you feel like you’re swimming in this summer 100% humidity deal, you’re actually sweating a lot and at risk for dehydration. Bring your reusable water with you on the go (and these work for coffee and tea as well!). 

Lunch time!

If you’re packing lunches, instead of using ziplock backs or plastic Tupperware, use beeswax lunch wrap and a zero waste lunch kit from Package Free Shop.

Eat, eat, eat

Farmer’s market – shop locally produced goods, cutting down on carbon emissions associated with shipping long distances while simultaneously supporting your community. Eat plant based! Try cutting meat out of your diet at least once a week because, as I’m sure we all know by now, farm raised meat is one of the most resource-heavy sources of nutrition there is. When you’re ordering takeout, request no utensils (remember you’ve got those bamboo ones for a picnic in the park)!

Getting around

In New York, we take it for granted that the easiest way to get around is often on foot or on public transit, but we shouldn’t neglect to remember that its also a valuable action we can take to minimize our carbon footprint! Avoiding cabs or cars where possible helps contribute to better air quality and fewer fossil fuels burning. So enjoy this couple weeks of spring and walk to your next destination.

Conscious Consumption

And finally, the biggest thing you can do is become a conscious consumer. Everything you buy has to be produced, brought to you, used, and then either retained or thrown out. One of the easiest ways to waste less is simply to buy less. It’s the least effort possible (we’re literally asking you to do less). And when you do buy, just be mindful of how long that object is gong to last and where it’s going to end up. This is our planet, and it is not a landfill. Let’s take care of her, just like she takes care of us. 

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