Take Five – Viana


Take five


Words by Viana



When I think of taking a “break” I don’t necessarily think of running; it’s more of a societal obligation to external beauty. But, for the sake of conversation let’s call this a break. I wake up at around 7:30, take a half hour to regroup myself, and hit the streets of Westwood. I usually enjoy listening to a nice political podcast such as “Political Gabfest” or a metaphysical disquisition from “Philosophize This!”


Stand Up

I really do relish a good show of stand up. My favorites are Norm MacDonald, Steven Wright and Dave Chappelle, a rather esoteric group. They come up with scenarios paired with the perfect set ups and punch lines, as if they are magicians. I feel as though there are some things in this world that should remain a mystery and for me, the construction of comedy is one of them. For this reason, I never try to dabble in the wonderfully twisted world of joke making. I have accepted to let this enigmatic well reside in me.



Unlike music, for me painting is a true break and time to collect myself in the root of equanimity. I take this time to listen to music, usually something from the 18th century. I wait until the sun is only peeking at me and walk to my courtyard to begin working with acrylics. I don’t have any anxiety while painting, there isn't much to think about during the process, and my hand just seems to flow while my brain hums. With music I am engaging my brain, adding the scriptures of my life into art, while with painting I am removing the concern within me. It is a matter of addition and subtraction, and I find subtraction leads to serenity.


Petting Cats

I revere cats, and I would like to pet them all.


Engulfing Drag Queen Makeup Tutorials

Drag is honestly the number one form of American entertainment, and you know it. If being induced by heroin is anything like the state of watching Trixie Mattel demonstrate “Bubble Gum Fantasy,” I get it. Yes, each video is around 20 min long, but it is the modern renaissance of media, I tell you. And it doesn't stop at makeup, all forms of video are vital. Alyssa’s SecretUNHhh and Hurricane Bianca are some classics. Now, go watch, you won’t regret it! Although there is a large chance you will regret it entirely. I hope it’s the former.

Viana Kalili lives in Los Angeles, CA and is attending UCLA. When she's not at school, she spends her time pursuing her passions of music, writing, and pretending Rob Lowe is her dad.

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