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Stunning edit by Emily herself.

Stunning edit by Emily herself.




Words by Emily Powers


Sometimes, I wonder if I truly take breaks. I feel like my breaks are more propelled by how I’m feeling rather than responsibly planning them into my work schedule. Maybe this means my "breaks" are just modes of procrastination? Either way, here are some ways that I like to take a break!

Tompkins Square Dog Park

I was apprehensive sharing my sacred spot, but I decided that I was feeling charitable. You're welcome. Watching dogs run around in circles for a solid hour is not only free but CUTE. There is literally always a shiba inu in the mix and today I saw a borzoi! I took this as a good omen because a borzoi is also my patronus animal according to a quiz I took. I don't even like Harry Potter but I love spirit animals. Sorry, that was off topic. Anyways I also went on a date here once so 10/10 versatile break spot.

Pop Zits

Do you like how I humble bragged about going on a date in my first break recommendation? That was annoying. Well this bullet point will make me seem gross so I hope you like me again. If you need a break just attack your skin. I genuinely don't care what dermatologists say. I am a bootleg Dr.PimplePopper. I even do (sort of sketchy) appointments for friends! I bought an extracting tool from the drug store and I GO. TO. TOWN. Because if you're going to be a D.I.Y. Esthetician then you have to get this. This is not sponsored, I just have a pre-med pipe dream that I fulfill in my free time. If you're too lazy to do this then just buy a face mask and call it a day.

Wikipedia K-Hole

I LOVE a good Wikipedia K-hole. First I will define K-hole à la urban dictionary: "the state of mind caused by taking large amounts of ketamine. The user becomes trapped in a state of detachment from their physical presence."

For context, getting trapped in a Wikipedia k-hole has nothing to do with taking ketamine. It's just that sometimes you want to check in on Ray-J's Wikipedia page and next thing you know it's 2AM. You're now versed in early 2000's R&B and just found out that he's Snoop Dogg's cousin! Also you now feel way more connected to Kim Kardashian on a spiritual level.

Try New Snacks

I'm gluten free and I'm annoying about it. I love trying new snacks and have even started a weekly snack round-up email that I send to only one of my cousins who appreciates my quest for ~wellness~. A great way to take a small break is to go to your local bodega and try something new! I recommend baked fava beans. Which lowkey makes me sound like Hannibal Lecter. I have not yet tried chianti. Pet the bodega cat on your way out and watch The Silence of the Lambs if you didn't understand my last reference.

Vine Compilation!

Vine compilations are the ultimate best way to take a break. It's 2018. Nobody has an attention span longer than 7 seconds anyways. You are stimulated by hilarious vine nostalgia, then anger, then sadness, you remember that this is all that is left of vine. Then maybe allow yourself a light cry session because it's a reminder of simpler times. I've actually inspired myself to watch a valium village vine compilation once I'm done writing this.

Emily thinks that all her life's misfortunes are either due to Mercury being in retrograde or because she didn't forward those chain emails in 4th grade. Her passions include in in-n-out burger, art, and oversharing. Great at dinner parties and parents really like her. This is also her tinder bio.

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