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Photo by Lani Chung

Photo by Lani Chung


Take Five
Sophie Ungless


Listening to Podcasts

Whenever I listen to a podcast, I love imagining the different characters and speakers, and painting a picture of what the people look like. Podcasts are also my go-to when it comes to long road trips or flights because they actually keep my attention and make me stay awake, which is slightly necessary while driving. I’m currently telling everyone I know about a show called ‘The Call with Erica Williams Simon,’ which is produced by Man Repeller, and is basically episode after episode of badass women sharing their stories. Also ‘Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness’ because I finished Queer Eye and still need some JVN in my life.


In recent months I’ve really started to enjoy cooking and genuinely look forward to making a meal at the end of the day for myself. I think cooking is a great time to be away from my phone, and focus on being with the people who are close to me if I’m cooking for friends or family! Obviously eating at the end is a major plus too.  

Coffee Break

I am horribly addicted to coffee, and being in Italy for a semester really did not help that. I probably averaged about 4 shots of espresso a day. My hometown favorite is called Fox in the Snow, but when I’m back at school in Orange County I go to KIT Coffee.

Farmers & Flea Markets

I love supporting local, and I’m lucky enough to be able to go to a farmer’s market at least once a week. The market in the town I grew up in is every Thursday evening, so I’ll usually go with a few friends to see what’s available. I feel really good when I purchase straight from the farmer (or artist if I’m at a Flea Market) because I get to put a face to who I’m supporting. My favorite market buy so far this year has been garlic scapes; I got to try out a few new recipes with them!


Obviously being an art major, I get to create and do what I love all the time, but sometimes assignments can still be a drag. If I’m feeling like I’m a little stuck with whatever project I’m working on (be it photography, painting, etc.), I like to bring out my sketchbook or iPad and draw mindlessly. Sometimes the pressure to make art with a deeper meaning behind it can be stressful, so it’s a relief to make something just for the sake of letting out some energy.

Sophie Ungless is originally from Columbus, OH, but is currently studying studio arts at Chapman University in Orange, CA. She will defend Columbus as an incredible city until the day she dies, but also has a deep love and appreciation for traveling to other cities all over the world. She has been dubbed as “The Girl with Glasses,” and fully accepts that as her identifier. Sophie likes to keep herself busy and hates the feeling of wasting time, but she makes sure to fit in time for a few breaks everyday. 

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Sophie Ungless