Take Five – Madison Brang




Words by Madison Brang


This is Madison. When she’s not watching sea life documentaries and peeling glue off her hands, she’s studying communication design at Parsons School fo Design and Culture and Media at Eugene Lang. This is how she takes a break.

Roll a phat cone, smoke half of it, and watching 6 documentaries in a row all on sea life and our underwater ecosystem.

Search through amazon fashion and accumulate a cart worth 1000.

Continue to knit my assless chaps that I have been working on for two years each stitch representing a stab towards our society and my hatred towards the man and our current declining environmental state.

Take a walk around the lower east side, making sure to pass the skate park with the wind in my favor.

Cover my entire hand in glue, letting it dry, writing all my worries on the thin layer, and then pealing it off and never thinking about those worries again.

Madison Brang