The Beginnings


our story


Words by Lizzy Cheshire


It had been one of those weeks. The bathtub wasn't draining, the kitchen tap had given out more than one second degree burn, and the class readings kept piling up. The weather was getting worse, the air still heavy with the heat of a New York summer, punctuated every few days by surprisingly frigid rain. Lizzy had ruined her favorite coat by with a spilled coffee. Kiana's hard drive was finally working again–but not with her own laptop's usb ports. So, towards the end of their fall semester in sophomore year of college, Kiana Toossi and Lizzy Cheshire really just needed a break. 

They booked two tickets on the Metro North and went up the Hudson to Beacon. It was on this trip that they started fleshing out an idea they had tossed around in various forms for more than fourteen years: working together on a publication. It would begin more passion project than business, founded on a mutual love for travel, photography, and graphics. And if we’re being honest, it would stay a passion project.

From its inception, Break was centered around an idea of escape, relaxation, and enjoyment, while keeping a thoughtful and more critical eye on experience. It attempts to take on serious, political, and personal questions without dismissing the importance of aesthetics, material objects, or a really really good burger. After a year working on Break as a digital publication, the first issue went to print, including many of the articles and interviews that had been published on the site as well an some new, exclusive content. Today, Break continues as an annually published journal and periodically updated digital magazine, so check back for updates and new content. We’ll be here.